Mobridge Ice Fishing Tournament – 2013

by Mobridge Tourism ~ February 22, 2012

The Mobridge Chamber’s Tourism Committee has had many meetings and much discussion as to what the direction of the Mobridge Ice Fishing Tournament for 2013 should be.  After some great input from past anglers and other community members, the committee is pleased with what they have come up with.

For the 2013 tournament to be held Saturday, January 12th the committee has made the following rules/changes in registration, team numbers, and entry fees:

– We will have 500 teams in the tournament

– Entry Fee for the 2013 Tournament will be $125 per team

– We are increasing total cash payout to $10,300 (increasing top payouts by $25 or $50 per place and every 10th place to $125)

– We are going to have 10 automatic entries (after paid registration) available to participants in our Denny Palmer Memorial Classic summer tournament

– If you fished the tournament held in 2011 (not the most recent tournament), your team will get one automatic entry (with paid registration).  These team members will be notified via email in late June and they will have until August 31st to confirm with payment and register their team.  The committee is going to allow only one entry per team and will be policing for 2011 partners entering separately.  If they find that this is the case, both teams will be disqualified, and no longer will be able to participate in ANY Tourism Committee event.  If you do not wish to fish with your partner from 2011 it is up to the anglers to figure out who gets that entry.  These spots will be guaranteed.

– For the remainder of the spots available, we will conduct a lottery.  The lottery will open Mid-September and close the end of the September.  There will NOT be a fee for entering into the lottery.  The committee is hoping to conduct the lottery the beginning of October and will announce the tournament field when complete.

– For the 2014 tournament, teams that get into the 2013 tournament will have first shot at entering, and the process will start again.

Again, a huge thank you for the questions and comments that the committee has received.  They feel that this is the fairest way for them to support the anglers that have help grow the tournament to what it is today.  Please contact the Mobridge Chamber at 605-845-2387 if you have any questions.

8 Responses to “Mobridge Ice Fishing Tournament – 2013”

  1. Brandan Hasby Says:

    How do I register for the 2013 Ice Fishing Tournament? I have friends that go down every year from Grand Forks, ND and fish in it and I would like to also.

  2. Tj Says:

    It appears to me that we’re lucky enough to get in 2011 are grandfathered in for ever and the unfortunate people that did not make it in will never get in as the lottery is only for about 50 participants. Guess I might as well give up along with most others that did ever get in. This is a sad way to do a lottery drawing. I received a buck tag in 2011 but that does not mean I automatically get to shoot a buck every year there after if I pay my fees and that is so others can enjoy hunting bucks also.

  3. chamber2387 Says:

    If you didn’t fish the 2011 tournament, we will be having a lottery that you can enter to try to get a remaining spot that wasn’t claimed by past participants. There is not cost to getting into the lottery, and if you are lucky enough to get drawn, you will receive an email, and we then collect your entry fee. I hope that answers the question.

  4. Chad Hanson Says:

    I don’t know if u have my email address to get in the tourney since we did fish in 2011

  5. Mobridge Tourism Says:

    Thank Chad,
    Please email with your email and they will get you into the database. We will be sending out an invitation letter mid June with all the info to register.

  6. Richard Says:

    Will there be EBAY auctions again?

  7. Mobridge Tourism Says:

    We will have our usual ebay auctions in October after we get the field set. Thanks for asking!

  8. Cmoss Says:

    We did not make it to the tournament as well as another team from our area due to road conditions and were informed that we will be disqualified next year. What a bunch of BS! You cancel last years tournament for safety reasons but this year we have bad road conditions and decide not to risk it for safety and are being punished. If this is how you operate operate take your tournament and you know what!

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