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Ice Conditions 12/13/2017

Posted on 12-13-2017

As of this morning, Lake Oahe is completely open in the Mobridge Area.  We are seeing some ice being formed in the tributaries and in some of the bays.  We did have some anglers out boat fishing last week, and the said that the surface temp is a consistant 35 degrees.  Hopefully we will have some colder nights and start the ice making process.  Long term forcast looks good!

With that being said, we have been getting tons of questions of what will happen with the Tournament in the event of no or unsafe ice.  As it states on our FAQ page: If BAD ice, the committee will make the safety call the week of the tournament. The event will go on, and the "no-show" rule is still in effect.  In the event of a team “no-show” or not checking in at rules meeting, that team hereby forfeits the guaranteed spot and any potential prizes indefinitely.

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