Contracts in place for 2017 Sitting Bull Stampede:

Stock Contractor – Sutton Rodeo, Inc

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Sutton Rodeos Inc. returning a long standing tradition at the Sitting Bull Stampede of providing quality stock. Their stock has been selected to perform at 48 of the 50 National Finals Rodeos. Through five generations Sutton Rodeo has had the pleasure of producing rodeos at every level – 4-H, high school, college, Indian National Finals, SDRA & PRCA.

Announcer – Scott Grover

Image titleIn the sport of rodeo, the fury strikes in lightning-fast athleticism and memorable action. It’s also when Scott Grover shines. He’s been the arena announcer of the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo, a position he held many years. It’s an honor that is bestowed upon the greatest names in the game, and Grover has placed himself on that list. On top of that, he has been selected as one of two announcers to call the action at the 2014 Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo.

Specialty Act – Wild Horse Races

Image titleThe Wild Horse Race has been said to be a rodeo in itself. Unlike the bucking stock used in the standard riding events, these horses are truly wild. They’ve never been ridden before, let alone saddled, and these mustangs plan on keeping it that way! These uncooperative beasts are called “outlaws” which is a term of endearment compared to some of the names tagged on them by the competitors.

Bullfighters – Allen Dessel and Lance McIlvain

Allen Dessel and Lance McIlvain return to protect the bull riders as well as entertain the crowd with their bull fighting techniques.

Barrel Man - "Backflip" Johnny Duddly

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Professional rodeo clown and barrel man "Backflip" Johnny Dudley of Denton, TX is one of the top talents in pro rodeo. He is known for amazing feature acts, along with his quick wit and off-the-cuff banter that keeps crowds laughing until their sides hurt.

"Backflip" Johnny Dudley has performed at rodeos from Florida to Alaska and just about everywhere in-between. 2016 will be his third appearance at the PRCA's All American Finals.

But, before becoming a rodeo clown, Johnny served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps and then went on to college where he graduated with a degree in International Business.

Johnny is one of the most likeable people you will ever meet and greets everyone with a big Texas smile.

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